Supply Preaching & Presiding

In times of pastoral vacancy or whenever regular ordained leadership is not available, the WV-WMD Synod attempts to ensure that congregations of the synod are provided with capable and authorized worship leadership. To this end, the synod maintains a lists (scroll down) of ordained clergy and lay worship leaders who may be available to "supply." Additional sources for "supply" worship leadership is found after the mentioned lists.

Supply Compensation Guidelines

The WV-WMD Synod set a revised compensation schedule for pulpit supply at its 24 January 2015 Synod Council meeting. Since 1 March 2015, pulpit supply is to be compensated as follows.

Special Cases Affecting Compensation

When the Bishop of this Synod or the Director of Evangelical Mission is the worship leader/preacher, whether the person is to be compensated depends upon the circumstances. If the pastor of the congregation is present for worship, your gifts to mission support cover all of the costs associated with this visit---though a congregation may, at its option, remit a gift to the synod. When the pastor is not present, the supply preacher is to be compensated at the normal supply rate. Both the Bishop and the D.E.M. have the right to wave some or all the compensation associated with supply preaching costs.

Many church agencies and church related agencies have similar policies. Please be sure to inquire what the policy is with respect to the person being engaged.


Holy Communion may only be celebrated by an ordained person on the roster of the ELCA or a clergy person ordained and on the presbyteral or episcopal roster of a full-communion partner. Special dispensation for lay Eucharistic presidency, under the policies of the ELCA, can only be granted under unusual circumstances and then for only six months at a time. All previous granted dispensations for lay Eucharistic presidency will expire at the end of February (if they haven't expired already). If your congregation has received a dispensation in the past, please contact Bishop Riegel to discuss your situation.

Holy Baptism, when administered in an emergency, may be performed by anyone. Prompt reporting to the local pastor is required. When administered during the worship of the congregation---administration at other times is at the discretion of the pastor and should be rare---the regular presider is the pastor of the congregation. The same rubric for Holy Communion applies here.

If you notice an error or omission on the rolls below, please contact the Bishop at or 304-680-5388.

Bishop's Lay Worship Leaders

Bishop's Lay Worship Leaders are equipped through the synod's training program and authorized by the Bishop for service in the territory of synod at the invitation of the congregation's pastor or congregational leader appointed for the task of coordinating supply preachers.

The WV-WMD Synod is currently revising its standards for the Bishop's Lay Worship Leaders. Until the revision is adopted, applications to enter the roll of Bishop's Lay Worship Leaders are not being accepted.

An asterisk ("*") next to the name means that the contact information has not yet be confirmed. "Base of Operations" indicates where the BLWL lives. Range of travel varies from BLWL to BLWL. Some have rather limited ranges. Others are willing to travel a couple of hours.

Bishop's Law Worship Leader
Base of Operations
Melissa Bannister Parkersburg, WV
Lois Broyles Barboursville, WV
George Friedline New Martinsville, WV 304-455-2798
Stan Golden* OKVC 304-485-7828
Lola Graham (temporarily unavailable) Upper Tract, WV 304-358-7733
Jerry Harman (temporarily unavailable)
Parkersburg, WV 304-481-1160
William Hawk Wheeling, WV 304-232-7260
Henry Hodges Wardensville, WV
Sylvia Sue Hoffman Benwood, WV
Leroy Humberston Fairmont, WV 304-366-3434
Patricia Keller Keyser, WV
Barbara McDowell* OKVC

George McKinney Hurricane, WV
Clem Pemberton, Sr* Hurricane, WV 304-586-4646
Jodi Sandvik* UOVC 304-843-1721
Patricia Schrader* UOVC
James Sheatsley Beckley, WV 304-252-5321 (O)
304-252-7363 (H)
304-575-9827 (C)
Vicki Tomich* Moundsville, WV 304-845-4248
Richard Wolford Charlestown, WV 800-444-1118 (o)
304-389-2938 (c)
Carl Yost* PC

Ordained Clergy Available for Supply

In addition to the names listed below, you may consider the ordained professors and staff at the Lutheran Theological Seminary, Gettysburg, or any ordained clergy on the roster of one of our neighboring synods of the ELCA and in good standing. Please contact our synod office or the synod office of the neighboring synod to verify that the ordained clergy in question is available. Contact our synod office prior to engaging ordained clergy rostered with a full-communion partner.

Ordained Clergy
Base of Operations
The Most Rev. Dr. L. Alexander Black (temporarily unavailable)
Wheeling, WV

The Rev. Paul Blank*
Deep Creek Lake, MD
The Most Rev. Dr. Ralph Dunkin
Wheeling, WV
The Rev. Douglas Knupp*
Wardensville, WV

The Rev. Casey Lieneman
Morgantown, WV
The Rev. Dennis Propst
Martinsburg, WV
The Rt. Rev. Matthew L. Riegel
Morgantown, WV
The Rev. R. Alvin Schafer
Wheeling, WV
The Rev. Donald Thomas
Addison, PA

Other Sources for Supply


Congregations in the Eastern Panhandle might want to consider obtaining supply preachers from The Lutheran Theological Seminary, Gettysburg, PA. Congregations along the Ohio River might look to Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Columbus, OH. Seminary professors and staff may be available. Likewise, seminarians are often authorized by the seminaries to supply preach.

Neighboring Synods

WV-WMD accepts the credentials of supply preachers authorized by our neighboring ELCA synods. To locate contact information for these synods, visit the ELCA's "Synods" webpage.

Full-Communion Partners

The provisions of the ELCA's full-communion agreements provide for pulpit & altar fellowship as well as the interchangeability of clergy. The differences, however, between our respective rosters complicate this interchangeability. Prior to engaging a ordained or layperson for supply, contact the synod office to verify appropriateness.

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