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If you have come here, you probably looking for a resource of some bit of information. Why else would you have entered through the...

Member Portal
of the
West Virginia-Western Maryland Synod

As this portal develops, we'll be adding more and more resources. Initially, we need to get some of the most pressing material posted. If there is something you would put in the pressing category, let us know.

ConnectionsIf you are looking for links to church camps, colleges & campus ministries, social ministries, or our auxiliaries, click on the "connections" button at right. You'll also find links to the search engines for congregations and for pastors and church workers.

Page Contents
  • Governing Documents
  • Synod Assembly 2019
  • Congregations Page
  • Pastors & Deacons Page
  • Parochial Reports
  • Road Show
In the meantime...

Updated Governing Documents

Synod Assembly amended provisions in both the Constitution and the Bylaws. The updated documents can be downloaded here:

If you want to compare the old docs with the current, download the redline edition of amendments.

Synod Assembly 2019

The first installment of Synod Assembly 2019 information is now up. Visit the Synod Assembly Page to find out the when, where, and what of the assembly.

A Page for Congregations and a page for Pastors & Deacons

If you are looking for forms, resource documents, or announcements, check out our pages for congregations and pastors & deacons. The table below lists some of the things you will find. If you are looking for something that isn't found on either page (other than general synod stuff that, for know, is on this page), drop us a line (at with your suggestion or request.

Congregations Page
  • Supply Preachers
  • Parochial Report (Form A & C)
  • Congregational Finance
    • Pastoral Compensation Guidelines
    • Mission Support Forms
  • Seed Planted Mission Grants
  • Workshops & Presentations
Pastors & Deacons Page
  • Rostered Leader Report to Bishop
  • Pastoral Compensation Package
  • Rostered Leader Debt Reduction
  • Continuing Education

Parochial Report Form Available

Every congregation of the ELCA is required to complete the annual parochial report (Form A/C). This can be done on-line by clicking here.

LARCUMLARCUM 2019: "Christianity & Civil Government: History, Theology, & Implications (for Citizens, Pastors, and Institutions).""

The Lutheran-Anglican-Roman Catholic-United Methodist Conference will be held at John XXIII, Charleston, WV, September 9-11. The event is open to laity and clergy. If you are on facebook, "follow" the WV LARCUM page.

Bishop's Road Show

You can subscribe to the Bishop's Road Show by sending a blank e-mail to You can unsubscribe just as easily by sending a blank e-mail to The Road Show is an e-newsletter published irregularly---in other words, if there is something that seems important to share, we send out a Road Show.

What's coming to the web site?

We'll keep chugging away at this, building bit by bit until we have a full, functioning, perhaps not pretty, web site where you can find the resources and information you need. Expect tweaks in the format as pages get added.

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