Synod Council Synopsis
West Virginia-Western Mayland Synod
27 April 2024

Synod Council is required to meet at least twice a year, but ours typically meets three to four times during the year with special meetings held, often by teleconference, as needed. The Synod Council is chaired by the vice president. The membership of the Synod Council includes the four officers of the synod and twelve voting members from around the synod, representing a balance of clergy and laity, geographical distribution, and age. Click here for the roster of the Synod Council and its committees.

Summary of Actions, 27 April 2024

´╗┐Synod Council, meeting 27 April 2024 (an adjourned meeting from 16 March 2024), took the following actions.

Fiscal Actions

  • To recommend to the Synod Assembly the proposed budget as developed in committee of the whole.

Roster Management Actions

  • To authorize extended ecumenical service for The Rev. Thomas Wesley "Wes" Moore (PCUSA) to serve Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Elkins, WV, under CBCR/ELCA 8.63.01, effective retroactively 1 March 2024.

Polity Actions

  • To grant voting membership in Synod Assembly 2024 to The Rev. Jim Wicker under S7.22 and CR2.01.
  • To grant voting membership in Synod Assembly 2024 to The Revs. Susan Claytor, Darick Biondi, and Thomas "Wes" Moore under S7.27 and CR2.02.
  • To grant voice (but not vote) in Synod Assembly 2024 to The Rev. Gary Koontz under CR2.03.
  • To advance to the Synod Assembly with recommendation for adoption the proposed amendments to bylaws of the synod as found in the report of the Bylaws Committee.

Next Meeting

The next regular meeting of the Synod Council will convene Friday, 27 July 2024, 10:00 a.m., at Grace Lutheran Church, Wheeling. The pastors of the UOVC and the presidents of the congregations of the UOVC are invited to participate in a consultation held in conjunction with the meeting.

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