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(30 November 2022)

Web UpdateSynod Website Updates

We've moved the list of updates to the to a page of its own. Click here (or on the pic at right) to find out what has been recently updated.


Thursdays in Black: A Conversation with Malagasy Women Church Leaders

A rare opportunity to join in conversation with our Malagasy sisters will take place by Zoom, 1 December 2022, 11:00 a.m. EST. This event is explained on our Social Ministry page. It is part of a 16-day awareness program on gender-based violence sponsored by the United Nations and supported by ELCA Global Missions. Visit the Social Ministry page to lean more and to get access to the Zoom links.


The Revs. Amelia & Daniel Collins will be installed as pastors of Trinity Lutheran Church (Arden), Martinsburg, WV, and St. Thomas Lutheran Church, Charles Town, WV, in separate vespers services held on 7 December 2022 and 14 December 2022. For more information, visit our Clergy page.

Wichern wreath

Worship Aids for Pulpit Vacancy: Advent

The constellation of pages to assist congregations in pulpit vacancy (and anyone else) with worship planning continues to evolve. The latest upload, Worship Aids for Pulpit Vacancy: Details for Advent, provides guidance for Advent, including liturgical form, colors, what to do about the Advent wreath, and what to do about the Christmas tree. For general guidance, check out our Worship Aids for Pulpit Vacancy page.

Synod Assembly 2023: Change of Date!

The date of Synod Assembly has been moved to 20 May 2023. The Mon County 4-H Center will be the venue. Please note the change. For more information, visit our Synod Assembly page.

SLWL: Licensed Readers

On-Line Reader's Sermon Library

The seventh edition of the Readers' Sermon Library for Synodical Lay Worship Leaders is now online. Sermons for Advent are linked as are the tables of contents for two of the volumes of the the first series of Augsburg Sermons Series, covering both Gospels and Epistles for Year A. To learn more about the SLWL program and the first level license, the "reader," click here. You'll also find there a link to the library.

Apply To Be a Reader (Supply Preacher)

The Synodical Lay Worship Leaders Program is now online, and applications are being accepted for the reader license. A reader does not write his/her own sermon but reads a sermon and leads worship. This is the first of the licenses available under the SLWL program. To learn more, visit the Synodical Lay Worship Leaders page.

WV Incorporation Amendment Fails

On 8 November 2022, West Virginians defeated an amendment to the Constitution of West Virginia that would have permitted the incorporation of churches and denominations. Folks started asking the bishop about this back in September, leading him to write a responsum ad propositum dubium on the question in early October. An addendum as been added to address the matter in light of the defeat of the amendment.

Upper Flats closing double baptismSt. Mark's, Upper Flats, Closing Service

St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Letart, WV, held its closing service on Reformation Sunday, 30 October 2022, marking the occasion with a double baptism. Read more (and get a little history) about St. Mark's on our Congregations page. (Photo by Tara Suchevits)

Congregational Budgeting Time

Mission Support

Numbers for 2023 mission support were posted on 6 August 2022 on our website with notices going out by The Bishop's Roadshow (several issues in a row) and also by one round of direct email to clergy. Of course, we know that it is easy to miss that sort of stuff unless you are looking for it. So, here are the links to the info you may be seeking to assist you in your budgeting work.

Clergy Compensation Kit for 2023

The clergy compensation kit for 2023 is now available on line. Click here to access that and other clergy compensation items.

Query: What Do Congregational Officers Need?

A congregation is more like a small town than a small business. That's not to say that there are no business-like aspects to a congregation. It's just an observation about the decision-making processes involved. With an eye to offering some workshops (and other resources) for [vice] presidents, secretaries, and treasurers, we're asking you what you might find helpful and where you are finding particular challenges. If you are a congregational lay leader, please take this very short survey so that we can offer what's of potential use.

Mutual Ministry Committee and the Driesen Manual

In partial fulfillment of an order from Synod Assembly 2021, information about the Driesen Manual has been uploaded to the website on a new page, Mutual Ministry Committee and the Driesen Manual. You will find there an explanation an a link to the manual.

Call Openings

Three congregations just activated their MSPs. With several clergy vacancies across the territory, there are opportunities for clergy interested in serving in the WV-WMD Synod. Visit the clergy page to find out whats available (or will be available once the MSP is completed).

If you haven't checked out the members portal...

Don't forget to take a peek of the members portal (click the button at right near the top of this page). It's not password protected. We only call it the "members portal" because it's mostly stuff that deals with the internal workings of the synod. Visitors looking for more general information about the synod, will probably find the "guest portal" more interesting.

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