Parochial Reports

*C9.12(b). The pastor of this congregation: shall submit a summary of such statistics annually to the synod.

The annual congregtion report (more commonly called known as "the parochial report") is not merely an exercise in number crunching. The data collected assists the congregation, the synod, and the national church. "How?" you might ask. Let's take them one by one.

Parochial Report 2022: Advance materials mailed Dec. 13

On 13 December 2022, the Office of the Secretary of the ELCA sent to congregations an email with advance information related to parochial reports. Assuming you have regularly updated your congregation's email contact information, you have received this email describing the annual congregation report process and key dates for the new data year. The email included a link to a landing page with generic versions of the 2022 versions of Form A and Form C, the instructions to complete the forms, and the financial worksheet (available as a PDF and a fillable Excel file). These items as well as a FAQ are posted on the ELCA's Annual Congregation Report page. If you have not seen it in your inbox, check your spam.

The 13 December 2022 email did not contain the passwords congregations use to file their 2022 reports online. These passwords will be sent as part of a packet sent to congregations and communities through regular the mail. This mailed packet should arrive during the second week of January.

The Office of the Secretary expects the online system for 2022 to open during the second week of January.

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