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Rostered Minister's Report to Bishop

The governing documents of our church state the following:

S14.15. Each minister of Word and Sacrament on the roster of this synod shall submit a report of his or her ministry to the bishop of the synod at least 90 days prior to each regular meeting of the Synod Assembly.

*C9.13. The pastor(s) shall submit a report of his or her ministry to the bishop of the synod at least 90 days prior to each regular meeting of the Synod Assembly.

Pursuant to these provisions, all rostered leaders (under call or not) are required to submit said report by 3 March 2018. An accepted report form may be downloaded from the ELCA Office of the Secretary Website. The report form is in PDF. Be sure to save the report before exiting or you will lose your information. After completing, email to with the subject line, "Rostered Minister Report." If you have questions about how to complete the report, contact +Riegel. Here are the links. Select the report that is appropriate to you.

+ Minister of Word & Sacrament under Call from a Congregation

+ Minister of Word & Sacrament under Call from WV-WMD Synod Council or (ELCA) Church Council

+ Minister of Word & Sacrament Retired

+ Minister of Word & Sacrament not under call (and not retired)

Pastoral Compensation Guidelines Posted

The guidelines for 2018 pastoral compensation are posted here. A committee has been appointed by Synod Council to review the guidelines and make proposed changes for the 2019 pastoral compensation guidelines. Covered in this review, in addition to the base salary and standard allowances, will be continuing education, sabbaticals, family leave, and recommendations related to health insurance.

Synod Clergy Continuing Education

At the Winter 2018 Synod Clergy Continuing Education Event, the presbyteral college elected to establish a committee for the design, planning, and management of synod sponsored clergy continuing education with one representative from each of the four conferences, the representatives to be selected and name transmitted to the bishop prior to the end of February. No definitive plans have been made for a Fall 2018 as of this point. It is worth noting that CA97.2.7(a)(1)(a) encourages "a minimum of 50 contact hours per year of intentional continuing education, or 150 contact hours each three-year period." Synod Cont. Ed, as we currently have it configured, only provides 8-10 per year.


The WV Lutheran-Anglican-Roman Catholic-United Methodist Dialogue will be held 10-12 September 2018 at the John XXIII Pastoral Center, Charleston, WV. The theme is "Vows that Matter: Baptism, Confirmation, and Ordination." This event usually provides 10-12 contact hours. Scholarships are available for first time participants.

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