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On Baptism During a Pandemic

Bishop Riegel's, "On Baptism during a Pandemic," is now posted on line and also available as a PDF. It is revised as of 21 January 2022.

Clergy Compensation Update

The clergy compensation guideline for 2022 has been approved by Synod Council. The final document is still in drafting. We have posted the actions of Synod Council on the on the Clergy Compensation page. For details on the 2021 compensation guideline, including family leave, sabbatical, and Rostered Leader Debt Reduction visit the Clergy Compensation page.

Winter Continuing Ed Goes Hybrid

In response to requests by clergy, the winter continuing education event is going hybrid. More information on the Education for Clergy & Laity page.

Trappe PulpitSupply Preaching

Looking for a supply preacher?

If you need coverage, you will find a list supply preachers (and ordained presbyters for Eucharistic services) on our Supply Preaching & Presiding page.

Are you listed as a supply preacher?

If you are clergy available for supply preaching/presiding does +Riegel know? With the pandemic and pandemical conditions changing from week to week, preachers identifying themselves as available (or not) for supply work has been a moving target. If your availability changes, let +Riegel know. To check and see how you are listed, visit the Supply page.

Clergy Transition

Guidance: Process for Leaving a Call

A new Pastoral Transition & Vacancy page has been uploaded. You will find there guidance related to transition (coming and going) as well as multiple forms that should be completed as part of a transition process. The "going" (i.e., the pastor is leaving the call) has been completed in the upload. The "coming" (i.e., a pastor is moving into a new call) is still being formatted; the old information is here until formatting on the new page is complete.


Pastors looking to enter mobility (whether intrasynodical or extrasynodical) should contact the bishop. The Rostered Ministers Profile (quondam "Roster Leader Profile" and "mobility form"), other forms, and supporting instructions are available at's Rostered Ministers page. Click on the link you will find there, and it will take you to your login screen. If for any reason, you need your Rostered Leader Number, contact the Bishop.

vacancy tableOpportunities for Ordained Ministry in WV-WMD

Are you a member of the clergy of the ELCA (or full-communion partner) interested in learning more about WV-WMD (or do you know someone who might be? Drop us a line. You can email the +Riegel at or call the office (304-363-4030). There is plenty to commend service and life in our mountains and in our valleys. Like Nebraska, it's not for everyone, but, for those who aren't afraid of an adventure, we have a great mix of challenge and gift. A list of openings reviewed by visiting our Pulpit Vacancies page (or click on the table at right). You will find there opportunities for congregational ministry and also any specialized ministries that might be open at the moment.

Rostered Leader Debt Reduction

The WV-WMD Synod has conducted a rostered leader debt reduction program since 2002. Through this program, pastors and deacons with educational debt can be assisted with payment on the principal. The Rostered Leader Debt Reduction Fund is supported by voluntary contributions from individuals, congregations, church-related auxiliaries, and a line item in the synod budget. The amount in the fund is expended each fiscal year as direct payments to lending agencies. Guidelines for the Rostered Leader Debt Reduction Program can be downloaded here.

Apply for RLDR Grant

The grant cycle for FY2021-2022 is now open, and applications are being accepted. All clergy with educational debt are encouraged to review the guidelines (supra) and make application if they meet the application criteria. Download the RLDR application here. Deadline for application is 7 January 2022.

Donate to RLDR Fund

Donations to the Rostered Leader Debt Reduction Fund can be routed through your congregation or sent directly to the Synod at the following address with a notation on the memo line indicating "Rostered Leader Debt Reduction Fund:"

West Virginia-Western Maryland Synod
℅ St. Paul Lutheran Church
309 Baldwin Street
Morgantown, WV 26505

WV-WMD Pastors' Letter on Racism

Thirty-seven pastors of the WV-WMD Synod, joined by two pastors from other judicatories, subscribed to a letter published 4 June 2021, addressing racism and stating, "we call home that racism has no place in our congregations or communities in which we live." For more information, click here.


A constellation of pages related to COVID-19 are available on the Synod website. You can access them all through the lead page by clicking here. Most importantly, a page dedicated to reopening recommendations is linked from that page.

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