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(16 February 2024)

Headline News

Summer Staff Application Time

Information related to summer staff applications is posted under each camp. We have word from Camp Lutheran and Caroline Furnace but are waiting for an update from Camp Agapé.

Summer Program Announcements

Information related to summer camp programs is posted under each camp.

Even When It Is Not Summer

Don't forget that Caroline Furnace Lutheran Camp & Retreat Center and Camp Agapé have winterized facilities and are available for retreats and meetings.


Caroline FurnaceCaroline Furnace Lutheran Camp & Retreat Center

Established in 1957, Caroline Furnace provides year-round retreat center services and eight weeks of summer camp, including traditional church camping and specialty camps. Caroline Furnace's primary facility is located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley in Fort Valley, VA. Enumerating everything Caroline Furnace offers on this page would be difficult. Explore the surprising options at

Caroline Furnace
                Summer 2024

Caroline Furnace is a constituent camp of the WV-WMD Synod, i.e., there is a formal relationship, and people from WV-WMD Synod have seats on the Caroline Furnace Board of Directors. This relationship has its roots in pre-ELCA days. The Eastern Panhandle of the WV-WMD Synod was part of the Virginia Synod of the LCA. When the CNLC proposed that those congregations be part of the newly forming WV-WMD Synod (called "West Virginia Synod" at the time), the Eastern Panhandle congregations asked that their historic support of Caroline Furnace (their church camp) be continued in the new synod. Part of that support is maintaining financial support for Caroline Furnace in the synod budget.

Summer Staff Application

Detailed information on the camping season, prerequisites, compensation, etc. are posted on Caroline Furnace's summer staff page (

Summer Camp 2024

Caroline Furnace's summer camp schedule is posted on its Summer Camp page. For camper application, click here.

CL TreeCamp Luther

Camp Luther has met for over seventy-five years at Camp Caesar, the Webster County 4H camp. Camp Luther may be unique in the ELCA church camping world in that it is in session only one week out of the year (invariably beginning on Fathers' Day), hosting campers from 3rd grade through 12th in three camping departments (junior, intermediate, and senior). Its counseling and program staff is entirely volunteer lay persons and pastors. Learn more by visiting

Camp Luther is a constituent camp of the WV-WMD Synod. The relationship has its roots in the West Virginia Synod of the ULCA.

Summer Staff Application

The staff application for CL 2024 is up and ready! Click to get started. You need to download the document onto your computer, fill it in, save it, and send it to the Camp Luther email address. The deadline is 20 February 2024. Please note that all the policies are now in the handbook (linked on the application page) and when you sign your applications that you are agreeing to abide by the policies.  It is important to refresh your memory by reading through the handbook. If you know of anyone who would be a good fit and a helpful addition to our staff, please share the link with them and encourage them to apply.

Summer Camp 2024

Camp Luther will be held 16-22 June 2024. The Camper Registration page will be completed shortly. Please check back soon to begin your registration process.

                  AgapeCamp Agapé

Camp Agapé, a Lutheran camp located in Pennsylvania just over the line from the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia in Hickory, PA, offers year-round retreat center services and several weeks of summer camp. It has become known for offering children living in the urban environment an opportunity to get out in the country. It has also become known for its educational programming designed to enhance academic achievement.

Camp Agapé has historic ties to the some of the congregations of the Northern Panhandle. WV-WMD was not included as a constituent synod when redistricting took place at the formation of the ELCA. Nevertheless, WV-WMD is happy to share information about Camp Agapé's offerings. Learn more by visiting

Summer Camp 2024

Camp Agapé has the advance information on its summer camp program posted on its summer camp page.

Camp Melanchthon

Camp Melanchthon operated from the late '90s into the late '00s. It provided a camping ministry to collegiate-age young adults during the Christmas recess. Throughout its history, it met in Garrett County, MD, moving between Herrington Manor and New Germany State Parks. Nearly twenty collegians attended at its zenith. Its educational ministry, the hallmark of the camp, centered on a different book each year, including Bonhoeffer's Life Together, Ralph C. Wood's The Gospel According to Tolkien: Visions of the Kingdom in Middle-Earth, and Karen Armstrong's A History of God: The 4,000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Worship, common meals, recreation (including rather cut-throat games of Scrabble) and continually burning fire were all part of the camp. Camp Melanchthon ceased operations when shifts in the economy, society in general, and WVU's football fortunes changed the collegiate culture surrounding Christmas recess. Camp Melanchthon was a constituent camp of the WV-WMD Synod. For more information, contact +Riegel.

LSM bannerLutheran Summer Music Academy

Lutheran Summer Music (LSM) is the nation’s premier faith-based music academy for high school students. In addition to advanced musical instruction and numerous performance opportunities, LSM students form an intentional community, living together for four weeks on a Lutheran college campus. Since 1981, this unique and immersive program has guided the lives of thousands of young musicians, many of whom credit LSM as the starting place for their future careers and vocations.

The "full session" for this coming summer will be held June 30-July 28. There is a "half-session" option, running June 30-July 14.

To learn more about LSM, visit its website:


                  logoNational Lutheran Association on Scouting

The National Lutheran Association on Scouting. describes itself as "a resource for youth and adults who wish to know more about the religious emblems program, endorsed by the Lutheran Churches for members of Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts USA, American Heritage Girls, 4H and Camp Fire USA." It also coordinates Lutheran chaplaincy services during jamborees.

The NLAS Facebook page featuring news of particular interest to Lutheran scouts and leaders.


Jamboree 2024 was held at the Becthel Summit Reserve, 16-29 July 2023.

Bishop Riegel participated in the 23 July 2023 Lutheran service at the Jambo. 475 scouts and scouters attended. We have a picture here, but, if you would like to see more, visit the NLAS Facebook page.

If you are interested in Lutheran Scouting, contact the synod office.

.Jambo Worship.

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