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Synod Assembly
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Synod Assembly 2024
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Synod Assembly 2024

Synod Assembly 2024 was held 1 June 2024 at the Mon County 4-H Center, Morgantown, WV. For more information, click here.

What Is Synod Assembly?

Synod Assembly is the highest legislative authority of the West Virginia-Western Maryland Synod. It is a unicameral legislature of clergy and laity enfranchised under the Synod Constitution. A minimum of 60% of its voting members must be laity. In session, it employs Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised (latest edition) as its parliamentary authority. The Synod Assembly must meet in regular session at least triennially, but, with one exception, West Virginia-Western Maryland has met annually since its constituting convention in 1987.

Anatomy of the Synod Assembly

Synod Assembly, much like any convention, has various committees and offices that work well in advance of the assembly and during the assembly. While this can get pretty complicated, the most important entities for the legislative work of the assembly are...

  • Nominating Committee—Nominating Committee, with some few exceptions, generates nominations for offices to be elected by the Synod Assembly. Learn more about Nominating Committee, its processes, and the status of its work at this point at the Nominations webpage.
  • Reference & Counsel—R&C is the principal legislative committee of the assembly. R&C, among other duties, reviews all resolutions and memorials submitted to the assembly by voting members and congregations. Learn more about Nominating Committee, its processes, and the status of its work at this point at our Resolutions & Memorials webpage.
  • Resolutions Committee—Resolutions Committee is the drafting committee of the Synod Assembly.

Past Synod Assemblies

Synod Assembly 2023

Synod Assembly 2023 has adjourned sine die. Visit our webpage for Synod Assembly 2023 to find out what happened.

Synod Assembly 2022

Synod Assembly 2022 has adjourned sine die, and the synopsis is on-line! Review the happenings at our Synod Assembly 2022 page.

Synod Assembly 2021

The 33rd Annual Synod Assembly of the West Virginia-Western Maryland, ELCA, convened Saturday, 16 October 2021, at the Mon County 4-H Center, Mylan Park, outside of Morgantown, WV. To find out what happened, including elections, legislative action, and more, visit the Synod Assembly 2021 page.

Synod Assembly 2020

Synod Assembly 2020 was not held because of the pandemic. Learn more about the decision and consequences by visiting our Synod Assembly 2020 page.

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