Synod Assembly in action
Synod Assembly
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West Virginia-Western Maryland Synod

Synod Assembly 2016 is almost upon us. Registration is still open. Visitors are welcome---please register. Here's some info that you might find helpful.

Assemby BookPre-Assembly Book

The Pre-Assembly Book is now available on-line. Attendees are asked to download their own copy as hard copied will not be provided at the assembly. The book is downloadable as a single PDF document. Inside the book, you will find reports, assembly rules, resolutions and action items, maps, directories, etc.. To download your copy of the Pre-Assembly Book, click here or on the picture at right.

Digital users: You don't have to print the book if you prefer to use a digital copy on your computer or mobile device. The document is not in a mobile-freindly format. Know that working WiFi is not guaranteed at the venue---we had serious problems with this last year. Making sure that you have downloaded and saved a digital copy to your device would be prudent. Also, give the device you want to use a trial run with the book to make sure that it is readable for you and easy to manipulate. Assume that you will not be able to charge your device until you get to your room.

Hard copy users: What you print is up to you, but the assembly office will not be able to provide hard copies of anything available in the book. You might find it expedient to print those pages which you will find most useful.

Where & When Is Synod Assembly?

Synod Assembly 2016 will be held at the Bridgeport Conference Center,300 Conference Center Way, Bridgeport, WV 26330. Opening for the assembly will be Friday, June 3, 12:00 noon, as part of the opening mass. Registration and lunch will be available before mass. The assembly will finish Saturday afternoon, June 4.

RegisterAll Things Registration...

Registration is still open for Synod Assembly 2016, but the deadline is fast approaching. Registration closes May 25. If you want boarding and/or lodging, you need to be registered by the deadline. Late Registration: After the deadline, registration will be available at the door of the assembly, but boarding and lodging will not be available through the synod; you'll have to make your own arrangements for meals and overnight accommodations. There is a registration fee for registration at the door; checks & cash most appreciated at that time.

To register on-line, click here and scroll a little down the page. You'll see the options under the "Register Now" heading.

Who Attends? Who Pays?

We have a handy chart to help you figure this out as well as the general rules posted here. If you are still confused, call the synod office.

How do I pay?

Payment by credit card is on-line though the on-line registration process. This is preferred. When registering at the door, cash or check is preferred. If you opt not to use the on-line credit card option, payment needs to be in full before you can be seated.

What if we want to send two women or two men?

The synod constitution requires that the congregations with two voting members send one male and one female. Dispensation from this provision is possible under the rules of the ELCA. That means that a congregation can send two females or two males, but it must be approved by Synod Council. Synod Council has empowered a credentials committee to handle requests for dispensation from the male-female rule. Please send your congregations request for dispensation to

Can I get time on the agenda or a display space?

Deadline for requesting display space is May 25. Click here to submit a request for a display space.

Deadline for submitting requests for agenda time is May 19. Click here to submit a request for time on the agenda.

Assembly Business

Where's my Pre-Assembly Bulletin of Reports?

All that great detailed stuff about agenda, resolutions, etc. will be released electronically 10 days before the assembly.

Who's running in the elections?

The Report of the Nominations Committee will be formally given at the assembly, but the advanced material required by the Synod Bylaws is now available. Click here to see get information on the nominees.

Who's our Churchwide Rep?

We are happy to have The Rev. Dr. Jonathan Strandjord, the ELCA's Director for Theological Education, as our Churchwide Rep and also as our keynoter.

Is there anything special happening?

Well, all of assembly is "special," but we have something extra special in the formal reception of Grace Lutheran Church, Wheeling, as our newest synod congregation. That will take place on Friday night.

What's Cooking?

Want to know what's to eat at assembly? Click here and scroll down for the menu.

Will There Be More Info Coming?

Invariably! To get the latest, please register for the Bishop's Road Show by sending a blank e-mail to You can unsubscribe just as easily by sending a blank e-mail to The Road Show is an e-newsletter published irregularly---in other words, if there is something that seems important to share, we send out a Road Show.

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