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SA 2024: 1 June 2024
  • SA 2024: 1 June 2024
  • Repeating some things from last year
  • Outdoor Pavilion
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Exhibit Application Deadline:
15 April 2024

Synod Assembly 20243 will be held Saturday, 1 June 2024, at the Mon County 4H Center, Mylan Park, near Morgantown, WV.

Repeating some things from the last year

Last year marked a major departure from our usual approach to Synod Assembly. The pandemic was a major factor. Seeing that we are still managing pandemical issues and being relatively pleased with the way things went last year---not everything was perfect, but it went better than expected in most ways---we are repeating some of the measures and making some tweaks.

  • SA 2024 is planned as a 1-day assembly.
    • There will be two meetings (one before lunch and one after lunch) as part of the session. BTW, we often get the terms meeting and session reversed. The typical synod assembly is one session over two days with three meetings (one Friday afternoon, one Saturday morning, and one Saturday afternoon).
    • There is always the possibility of an adjourned meeting, but that is at the will of the assembly as to time and place. Such an adjourned meeting may be ordered
      • if required business is not completed by the end of the day, or
      • if the Synod Assembly desires an adjourned meeting to tackle business that is not required by our governing documents and rules.
  • Exhibiting will be in an outdoor pavilion (details below).
  • Reporting will be very different. See the Reporting to/at Synod Assembly webpage.

Mon 4H CenterOutdoor Pavilion

WV-WMD Synod Assembly 2024 will have limited exhibit space in the outdoor pavilion of the Mon County 4H Center. The outdoor pavilion is the covered area on the right of the structure. Weather will be a factor in determining whether the SA chamber is the indoor pavilion (immediately adjacent to the covered area) or the outdoor pavilion. All non-business activities (exhibits, beverage service, social area, etc.) associated with the SA will be in the outdoor pavilion. There are electrical outlets around the perimeter wall—be sure to bring your own heavy duty extension cord.

The space is huge. You are welcome to bring your own tables and chairs, pop-ups, displays, etc. We have not yet determined how many tables we can provide (if any). Exhibitors will be responsible for their own set up and tear down.

Date & Time

WV-WMD SA 2024 will be a one-day assembly (unless an adjourned meeting is called) on 1 June 2024. Tentatively we start at 10:00 a.m., and we finish when we finish (unless we hold an adjourned meeting, time and place to be determined by the assembly).

Tentatively, SA lunch will be a 90-minute break with no meal provided as part of the SA registration. The more entrepreneurially-minded exhibitor might consider this a fundraising opportunity.


Because of the changeable pandemical situation, the Synod Council reserves the right to cancel exhibition.


There is no charge for exhibition this year.

Exhibit Application Form
Click Here

Application to exhibit is required prior to the SA. Application is not a guarantee of permission to exhibit.  Application deadline is 15 April 2024. To apply, click here for the online Exhibit Application Form. If you do not receive confirmation that application has been received, contact the Synod Office ( or you may call or text 304-363-4030).

Exhibitors should also register for the Synod Assembly (if not already registering as a voting member). Online registration will open 1 April 2022. There is no registration fee for Synod Assembly this year.

At the assembly

Workshops, round tables, etc.

No workshops are scheduled for this year. On the other hand, a 90-minute lunch is being proposed. During that time, exhibitors are free to gather interested parties for presentation and/or conversation. The assembly chamber will not be available except by the consent of the chair (because there may be assembly-related business taking place in the chamber over lunch).

Feel free to feed people if it is to your advantage. Lunch (i.e., food) is not included as part of the assembly. What's the old maxim? "Feed them, and they will come?" There will be plenty of room under the pavilion (though we aren't sure how many tables and chairs we will have in that space) for eating or other activities. There are also dozens of dining options within a reasonable drive of the venue. We expect that many will scatter for lunch, and you, likewise, are free to invite people to a local dining establishment.


We discontinued the "assembly packet" a few years back. We will not receive by mail items for distribution to the assembly except by prior arrangement. Distribution at the assembly requires the consent of either the Synod Secretary or the Committee for Reference & Counsel. Approved exhibitors may distribute materials at their respective exhibits with implied consent (which may be withdrawn by the Synod Secretary or the Committee for Reference & Council).


Should you have questions, contact +Riegel.

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