Nominees for bishop, 2015
Synod Assembly
of the
West Virginia-Western Maryland Synod

Nominations & Elections

Last year, we had a lot of elections. This year, it is significantly quieter. We'll be electing multiple seats on the Synod Council, two seats on the Synod Consultation Committee, and the Synod Treasurer. The candidate information forms are being sent out through the Bishop's Road Show. We are providing the positions and the names of the candidates here. Nominations Committee has completed its work, consequently nominations are temporarily closed. Nominations will reopen on the floor of the Synod Assembly. If you are nominated from the floor for any of the elections listed below, please be prepared to complete a nomination form when you arrive at the assembly.

Synod Treasurer

The Synod Treasurer serves four-year terms without term limitation. The Treasurer is responsible for the fiscal oversight of the synod and sits, ex-officio, on the Synod Council. Nomination, per the Synod Constitution, is by Synod Council with a minimum of one name being nominated. Nominations from the floor are allowed. Pr. Nathan Lutz-Hall has served as Interim Treasurer, replacing the seat vacated by Pr. Matthew Riegel upon his assuming the bishop's office.

Nominee for Synod Treasurer
Joseph Solberg -- Church of the Covenant, Grafton, WV

Synod Council

Synod Council is broken down into multiple classes. Regular members of the council are divided as follows: four clergy, one from each conference; four laity, one from each conference; and two at-large laity. Regular members serve three-year terms with a two-term limit. Youth members serve two-year terms with a one-term limit. Youth must be sophomores, juniors, or seniors in High School at the time of their election. Nomination is by Synod Nominating Committee with a minimum of two names being nominated for each position.

Nominees for Synod Council

Clergy -- Potomac Conference
Pr. Christine Olson  -- Trinity, Arden, Martinsburg, WV
Pr. Dennis Propst -- On-Leave from Call
Pr. John Unger -- St. John's, Harper's Ferry, WV

Clergy -- Ohio-Kanawha Valley Conference
Pr. Carl Ames -- Christ the King, Barboursville, WV
Pr. Emilie Theobald-Rowlands -- Christ, Vienna, WV

Clergy -- Upper Ohio Valley Conference
Pr. Phil Van Dam -- Specialized Call to Episcopal Diocese of WV
Pr. Sean Smith -- Moundsville-New Martinsville Parish

Laity -- Potomac Conference
Paula Mitchell -- St. John, Moyers, WV
William "Pete" Hinkle -- St. Thomas, Charles Town, WV

Laity -- Mon Valley-Mountain Conference
Bruce Dalton -- St. John's, Davis, WV
Hunter Davis -- St. Mark's, Clarksburg, WV

Laity -- At Large
Mary Sanders -- St. John's, Redhouse, MD
Robin Snyder -- Trinity, Charleston, WV

Laity -- Youth
Ben Day -- Christ the King, Barboursville, WV
Tanner Davis -- St. Mark's, Clarksburg, WV

Consultation Committee

The Consultation Committee plays a role in both conflict resolution and discipline. Term is for six years with no consecutive terms. The committee should be six members, per our bylaws, with equal representation of clergy and laity. The committee is currently over staffed, per the bylaw, but the constitution does allow the committee to be as large as twelve. A floor resolution to amend the bylaw is expected at this assembly. In anticipation, additional elections to this committee are presented to bring the committee up to the maximum full strength. Should the amendment fail, the elections will be declared null & void, and the over staffing of the committee will be resolved internally under the supervision of council. Furthermore, the practice has developed over the years of electing seats on the Consultation Committee according to conference affiliation. There is nothing in the bylaws that dictate this. Consequently, the election is synod wide. Please ignore anything on the candidate information forms that indicate that the candidate is running for a particular conference seat.

Nominees for Consultation Committee

Pr. Sally Bartling -- Trinity-Mt. Calvary Shared Ministry (Keyser, WV-Westernport, MD)
Pr. Jerry Kliner --- St. Paul, Morgantown, WV

Laity (Two Seats)
Dinah Courrier -- Trinity, Keyser, WV
Jane Hazer -- Holy Trinity, Elkins, WV
William "Bill" Graham -- St. Paul, Morgantown, WV
William "Bill" Kohler -- First, Parkersburg, WV
Jeanne LeMasters -- St. Paul, Morgantown, WV
Larry Springer -- St. Paul, Morgantown, WV

Will There Be More Info Coming?

Invariably! If we have withdrawals or corrections to candidate information forms, we'll send out an announcement through the Bishop's Road Show. Register for the Bishop's Road Show by sending a blank e-mail to You can unsubscribe just as easily by sending a blank e-mail to The Road Show is an e-newsletter published irregularly---in other words, if there is something that seems important to share, we send out a Road Show.

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