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Assembly Registrant List eMails
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Before, during, and after Synod Assembly, communications plays an important roll in keeping attendees and the synod at large informed. Voting members, in particular, need to be apprised of legislative materials and procedures. To accomplish this, we employ several means:

  • Website
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • SMS/Text Messaging

Let's take these up severally...


Email is the most common form of direct communication with people. We maintain three different types of email lists.

Assembly Registrants List

Those who are (pre)registered as attendees for the Synod Assembly are entered onto the "assembly registrants list." By registering for Synod Assembly, you (or your agent) agreed to receive communications from the synod in connection with Synod Assembly. This list is not an automatic subscription to The Bishop's Roadshow, and we will not subscribe you to The Bishop's Roadshow. Voting members need to understand that they remain voting members of the Synod Assembly until replaced. As there is always a possibility of a special assembly being called, this list is maintained until the next regular assembly.

Assembly Registrants List FAQ

I didn't subscribe to this list; why am I receiving this email? Anyone who registered for Synod Assembly is on this list by virtue of their registration. If you don't remember registering for Synod Assembly it may be because an agent of your congregation (or institution) registered you as a voting member  (or visitor). Since being a voting member of Synod Assembly carries with it the burdens of knowing when to show up, where to show up, how to show up, and also what you will be doing, you have to access to this information, and this is how we give it to you.

Can I unsubscribe? Yes, you can. Please contact the Synod Office ( or 304-363-4030) to do so. Understand, by unsubscribing, you release the synod from any obligation to provide information direct to you. To receive information, you will have to make arrangements with your congregation, pastor, or some other person in the know, or you may regularly check the synod assembly website.

Am I stuck getting these emails forever? No. You are only on this list so long as you are a voting member of the Synod Assembly. Of course, that will be, at minimum, until the next annual assembly convenes or until you are replaced by an alternate (whichever comes first). Prior to the next annual assembly, you will receive an email, asking you to assist in communicating with your congregation about that next annual assembly. If you are still getting emails beyond this, let us know, and we will try to fix it.

Why am I not getting these emails? There can be several reasons. Your spam filter may be dumping them to your spam (junk) folder (or, in some cases, a "marketing/commerce" folder). Check your spam folder, and, if you see these emails there, mark them as "not spam" or set your spam filters to allow emails from us. If it is not in your spam filter, your email provider may be blocking them before they ever get to you, or they could be lost in cyberspace (and show up three months from now). Lastly, you might have entered an incorrect email address. Send us a note, and we'll check that for you. You can always check in here (this page) and find copies of the emails sent.

Can I get a text message to tell me that there is a new notice? Absolutely! If you can receive text messages, we can send you one. Click here for information on our text messaging service.

Committee Lists

What's a Synod Assembly without committees? We maintain of email lists of committee members. If you get assigned to a committee, expect an email.

Subscribe to The Bishop's Roadshow
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The Bishop's Roadshow

This is the enewsletter of the synod. Anything and everything that is believed to be of general interest to the synod gets communicated through this platform. We strongly encourage Synod Assembly voting members to subscribe to The Bishop's Roadshow as a way to keep abreast of synod life. You can learn more about The Bishop's Roadshow and find a subscription link on our Contact Info & Communications page.

                  phoneSMS/Text Message

We think that we've found a (relatively lower tech) way to let you know when we've posted something on the web, sent an email, or otherwise issued a notice related to Synod Assembly: text messaging. You may find this helpful if you are concerned about missing a notice because it went to your spam folder. You can voluntarily subscribe to text message notifications. Like the assembly registrant email list, this text messaging list will only be used for Synod Assembly matters. To subscribe,

text "SA" plus your name to 304-363-4030.
(example: SA John Jingleheimerschmidt)

Why do we say, "relatively lower tech?" We use SMS, the old text-only with 160-character length limit medium. Even if you have an old flip phone (not that anyone at HQ has a preference for old flip phones), it will work (and not chew up your data). It is also "relatively" lower tech because it is not a robo-list; it is a Riegel-list, i.e., the bishop manually enters your information onto the list (because his minion is studying in Moldova).

Be the first to subscribe to the text messaging service and win a Synod Office coffee mug. You must attend Synod Assembly to receive your prize.

If you want off the text message list any time before Synod Assembly, just send a text to the same number (304--363-4030), indicating that you want to unsubscribe.

SA picWebsite

The synod's website has a set of pages dedicated to Synod Assembly. The primary page, (the "SA" must be upper case), is the master page for Synod Assembly. From there, it is one click to the Synod Assembly 2022 page. These provide all sorts of information as well as links to specialized information. This site is updated whenever new information becomes available.

Synod fb

Facebook is the primary social media platform used by the synod. We post items of general interest on Facebook. That means that you will sometimes find Synod Assembly information there, but detailed information is unlikely to be found there. Even so, if you would like to kept abreast of synod happenings, visit the synod Facebook page and be sure to "like" us.

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This page was last updated 25 November 2022