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Synod Assembly 2024
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Call of the Assembly

By order of the Synod Council of the West Virginia-Western Maryland Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, a regular meeting of the Synod Assembly shall convene on Saturday, 1 June 2024, at 10:00 AM, at the Mon County 4H Center, Mylan Park, Morgantown, WV.

Although the first save-the-date was published in August, Synod Assembly is officially announced by the "Call of the Assembly," that must be issued 60 days prior to the convening of the assembly.


As this is a regular meeting of the Synod Assembly, all business required by the governing documents will be on the agenda. That includes an explicitly enumerated set of reports and elections. New business is also allowed, but there are rules that set a deadline for submission of nongermane resolutions and memorials (see here).

The proposed agenda will be published in The Pre-Assembly Bulletin of Reports. It is subject to amendment by the assembly.


The Public Input Phase of our nominations process is officially open, and nominations are being accepted. The Public Input Phase will close 3 March 2024. For a posting of positions to be elected and access to the online public input form, click here.

Churchwide Reports

                SlatteryChurchwide Representative: Jodi Slattery

Our Churchwide Representative for Synod Assembly 2024 will be Ms. Jodi L. Slattery, Executive for Governance in the ELCA. In this role, she works directly with Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton in preparing the agendas for the ELCA Church Council and Churchwide Assembly. She also provides staff services for the Church Council, the Churchwide Assembly, the Executive Committee, and the Commission for a Renewed Lutheran Church. Previously, Ms. Slattery served as the Director for Grassroots Advocacy and Communication in the ELCA Washington Office. Prior to her time in Washington, D.C., she served as the Communications Director at Southeastern Iowa Synod, Iowa City, Iowa.


Registration is not yet open for Synod Assembly 2024. Expect registration to open 60 days before the assembly convenes (c. 1 April 2024).

Registration Deadlines

  • 15 May 2024: In order to receive notice of publication of the Pre-Assembly Bulletin of Reports, registration must be submitted online by close of business 15 May 2022. Those registering after this date will be responsible for accessing the Synod Assembly page themselves (or through their agent) in order to obtain Synod Assembly reports and materials.
  • 28 May 2024: Online registration closes at the end of the day. Those registering after this date will be responsible for accessing the Synod Assembly page themselves (or through their agent) in order to obtain Synod Assembly reports and materials. To register after this date, one will have to register at the Synod Assembly (see below).
  • 1 June 2024: You may register the day of the Synod Assembly. A downloadable registration form will be posted on this page after online registration closes. If registering the day of the Synod Assembly, please download the form, print it, fill it out, and bring it with you to the Synod Assembly, reporting to the registration desk for submission and processing.
Those who register online and provide email addresses or opt into our text messaging service, will be notified if the Synod Assembly is cancelled or postponed. Without prior online registration, we won't be able to contact you.

Voting Member Minimum Requirements

Voting members fall into two classes: clergy and laity.

  • Laity voting members are elected by their congregations (either Congregation Meeting or Congregation Council, depending upon the local practice). Laity voting members, in addition to election by their congregations, must be voting members of their congregations (voting members being confirmed members who have made a contribution of record and communed in the congregation during the current or preceding calendar year). Some laity voting members are enfranchised by virtue of being a member of Synod Council or being the lay chair of a conference.
  • Clergy voting members are those under letter of call or those enfranchised under our governing documents or by the Synod Council under one of several special classes.

Alternate Voting Member Registration

If you are an alternate for someone who has already registered but now is not attending, one of the following applies to you.

  • If it is known that you are going to be replacing someone who had already registered, and it is prior to the closure of on-line registration (1 May 2023), fill out the On-Line Registration From and email the Synod Assembly Registrar ( that you are the alternate.
  • If on-line registration has closed, complete the On-Site Late Registration Form mentioned above, filling in the information for alternates.

Dispensation from Requirement for Male and Female Laity Voting Members from a Congregation

Normally, a congregation is to send one male and one female voting member. Dispensation, however, may be requested of the Synod Council. For smaller congregations, in particular, it may be difficult to find both a male and a female willing/able to attend. To request dispensation, please complete this form: Dispensation from M-F VM Requirement. Requests for dispensation will be processed, at minimum, weekly. In the meantime, proceed with registration of your voting members until informed to the contrary.

Synod Assembly 2024 Nuts & Bolts


1 June 2024

1 June 2024 was announced (by website, Roadshow, and Facebook) shortly after the 19 August 2023 Synod Council meeting. Prior to the end of that month, it was announced that the assembly would convene at the Mon County 4H Center, Mylan Park, near Morgantown, WV.

Adjourned Meeting

Synod Council has not yet reserved a date for an adjounred meeting of the Synod Assembly. It is hoped that all work can be completed in one day. A second day will be necessary under two conditions (otherwise we are done at the end of the first day and go home without having to come back):

  • The Synod Assembly has uncompleted required business under the CBCR/WV-WMD or RONR.
  • The Synod Assembly has business, though not required, it wishes to take up on a second day.

An adjourned meeting is not a special meeting; it is a continuation of session. Folks often get the terms inverted. A "meeting" is a discreet sitting for business without more than a momentary recess of short duration, the assembly members remaining in the immediate area and prepared to return to work. A dinner break, break for mass, or the overnight break constitutes a break that ends a meeting. The "session" is the work of the assembly that is governed by one agenda. So, our assemblies are already made up of at least three meetings in one session. An adjourned meeting is the next meeting in a series of meetings that make up the session. With an adjourned meeting,

  • we continue business where we left off;
  • there is no new registration process, all the voting members at the first meeting continuing as voting members in the next; and
  • alternate voting members can be seated through the Committee on Registration should those originally serving be unable to continue.

Everything mentioned here is already the case with our Synod Assembly, but we may not have recognized it as such. Again, the major difference is the longer period of time between meetings.

                County 4H CenterVenue

The Mon County 4H Center is located in Mylan Park, two miles west of I-79 Exit-155, providing easy access for travelers (click here for Google map). You can visit the facility online at its Mylan Park website. We are renting both the indoor and outdoor pavilion, with the assembly business planned for the outdoor space, the inside space being used by committees, the assembly office, and, if need be, assembly hall should the weather turn foul. As with the last Synod Assembly, the outdoor space has ample room for exhibitors and socialization.

DiningDining Guide
Click here to review the 2023 guide. An updated guide is expected closer to Assembly.

There are ample dining options, ranging from fast food drive-thru to high class sit-down, within a short drive, the Gateway complex and University Town Centers being two and three miles away respectively. Drive a little further, and even more options become available. In total, our dining guide lists over fifty establishments. Lunch will be an extended period of time not only to allow attendees to eat with some leisure and also to allow the tellers to count ballots. Attendees may also pack their own picnic lunches and eat at the pavilion (or anywhere else in the park). Lunch is not included in the registration package.

LodgingLodging Guide
Click hereto review the 2023 guide. An updated guide is expected closer to Assembly.

While the assembly is planned as a one-day event, some may still opt for overnight accommodations. There is ample lodging in the area for anyone wishing to secure accommodations. Of course, many will prefer to simply travel in the morning and return home when we wrap up. A lodging guide is available for your perusal, but there are many other options that are not listed. The lodging guide does not imply endorsement. Lodging can be found in the Morgantown area at a wide variety of price points and accommodation levels. Lodging is not included in the registration package.


Synod Council has set the registration fee at $0.00—that's right: free registration for the fourth year in a row! This is possible because of aggressive cost-cutting measures by SAPComm, redesign of the Synod Assembly, an amazingly good deal on the meeting venue, and a surplus in the Synod Assembly fund.

Synod Assembly Communications

Keeping abreast of all the information connected with Synod Assembly isn't easy. To assist, we automatically enroll registered attendees onto a dedicated email list. Other means of communication (the synod website, Facebook, and The Bishop's Road Show) are also employed. Visit our Synod Assembly Communications page for more information.

                  iconSMS/ Text Messaging

We've added a simple text messaging service to let you know when announcements related to Synod Assembly are published. Click here for more info.

Reserving the Right to Postpone or Cancel

While concerns about the pandemic have relaxed, Synod Council continues to monitor the situation and reserves the right to postpone or cancel the Synod Assembly in response to a COVID-19 outbreak. At the same time, federal, state, local health department, or venue response to an outbreak may preclude our gathering.

Why This Way? A COVID Story

For those familiar with Synod Assembly in the West Virginia-Western Maryland Synod, this schema may seem odd. Visit our Synod Assembly in the Time of COVID page to learn more.

Likewise, visit our Synod Assembly in the Time of COVID to learn about current mitigation standards.

Pre-Assembly Bulletin of Reports

The Pre-Assembly Bulletin of Reports will be officially published 10 days prior to the convening of a Synod Assembly. Online registration by 15 May 2024 is vital to guarantee notice of the publication of the bulletin. That said, it will be posted on this webpage and announced on our synod Facebook page and The Bishop's Roadshow. Be sure to check out our Synod Assembly Communications page for ways to keep abreast of developments.

Synod Assembly 2024: Submissions


Deadline for Nominations
  3 March 2024

The public input phase for nominations associated with Synod Assembly officially opened 2 February 2024, and and it will close 3 March 2024 per the synod bylaws. Floor nominations will be allowed (as well as write-ins during the election) at the assembly. To learn more about which positions will be up for election at Synod Assembly 2024 and how to recommend people for nomination to those positions, visit our Nominations page.

Reporting to/at the Assembly

Deadline for Reports
  15 April 2024

Significant changes were made last year when it comes to reporting. Please visit our Reporting to/at Synod Assembly page for more information.

Exhibiting at the Assembly

Deadline for Exhibit Application
  15 April 2024

Significant changes were made last year when it comes to exhibiting. Please visit our Exhibiting at Synod Assembly page for more information.

Resolutions & Memorials

Deadline for Resolutions & Memorials
  11 May 2024

As this is a regular meeting of the Synod Assembly, the introduction of non-germane new business is not only permitted by expected. Those interested in introducing new business should note the deadline, 11 May 2024. Early submission is advantageous. Visit our Resolutions & Memorials page for details on submission, format, etc. If you miss the deadline, review the parliamentary aids section located in the Pre-Assembly Bulletin of Report.

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