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LARCUM PostcardLARCUM 2023

Theme: Evangelism?

LARCUM 2023 gathers 8-10 May 2023, at John XXIII Pastoral Center, Charleston, WV, under the title, "Evangelism?" This title should give you a clue that this will not be your typical evangelism conference. Rather than focusing on the how of evangelism—there are plenty of other conferences and events that do that—we will be focusing on the why of evangelism.

Theological traditions bring their own ideas about missiology, ideas that are rooted in their respective notions around soteriology, theological epistemology, theological anthropology, etc. All these can affect how we evangelize, but, at a much more fundamental level, they shape why we evangelize or even if we evangelize at all. Additionally, theological convictions unique to each tradition may or may not support this or that method of evangelism.

Bishop Riegel (Lutheran), responding to a question online wrote, "We have no shortage of techniques, but we do seem to have a shortage of motivation." He also pointed out that the mainline churches already share many of the same resources related to the how of evangelism, but whether they share the same rationale behind evangelism between them or even across their own individual histories is something to be explored.

Evangelism was selected as the theme for this coming LARCUM by the attendees of LARCUM 2019.


As with most of out WV LARCUMs, each tradition will bring its own presenter, and each presenter will be given two-three hours in formal session. Outside of formal session, there are meals, social hours, and free time for more conversation among participants (or, as in the case of free time, a chance for private prayer, refreshment, study, etc.). There is also worship, with each tradition taking its turn leading services from its own tradition.



Details are still being worked out—this is our first LARCUM since the pandemic began. We will be providing updates on this page and on our Facebook page. We will convene in the afternoon on Monday, May 8, exact time TBD. We wrap up with lunch on Wednesday, May 10.


Meals and socials are included in the registration.


You have the option of lodging at St. John XXIII or arranging for your own lodging off-site. Charleston has many hotels scattered across the price spectrum.


The registration fee schedule has not yet been set.


We will announce once on-line registration is open.

Keeping Up with Updates

There are four ways to keep up with updates as our planning process develops the details.

  • You can pester your pastor—we are not guaranteeing that your pastor will know, but it will keep it on your pastor's radar.
  • You can check back at this page on a regular basis.
  • You can follow our LARCUM Facebook page and join (either indicate "going" or "interested") the LARCUM 2023 Facebook event—hopefully the Facebook algorithms will keep you informed.
  • You can pre-register—this is not the registration—using our on-line RSVP form.

Spread the Word

How appropriate for a conference on evangelism! Invite a friend, tell a co-parishioner, reach out to your ecumenical counterpart. Don't hesitate to share on social media. Ask information to be placed in your congregation's newsletter or Sunday bulletin.


LARUCM WV is a four-partner conference held annually (except when there is a pandemic) in WV. The partners are

  • Lutheran — West Virginia-Western Maryland Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
  • Anglican — The Episcopal Diocese of West Virginia, The Episcopal Church
  • Roman Catholic — The Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, Roman Catholic Church
  • United Methodist — The West Virginia Conference, United Methodist Church

It's origins are rooted in the ARC (Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue) in West Virginia more than four decades ago. The Lutherans were invited to join, making it LARC, the longest running LARC at that time in the USA, at three decades. Roughly ten years ago, the United Methodist were invited to join.

LARCUM planning is a joint activity of the four traditions. The topic for each LARCUM Conference is selected by the participants of the preceding LARCUM Conference.

Who Can Attend LARCUM?

One does not need to be a member of the participating judicatories nor even the traditions more generally. If you are interested in the topic, want to enjoy conversation with folk from different traditions, or look forward to experiencing another tradition's worship, you are most welcome. LARCUM is open to laity and clergy. LARCUM is also open to folks from outside WV.

LARCUM and Social Media

Yes, we do have a social media presence. Check out out "WV Larcum" Facebook page—follow and/or like us while you are there. Lutherans can even join Team Wittenberg, a subgoup attached to the page—if you are jealous, convince your tradition's planners to set up a tradition-specific group. We also create Facebook events for specific conferences, e.g., "LARCUM 2023." Since we have a social media presence, don't be shy about sharing.


If you have any quesitons or would like to speak to someone about LARCUM, call West Virginia-Western Maryland HQ at 304-363-4030 or email

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